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Honoring Past MEMBERS

Violet HomanViolet Homan was a beautiful woman. She was very intelligent, well read, independent and did not mind saying how she felt on any subject. Violet was a woman well ahead of her time. Those who had the privilege of working with her and knowing her treasure their memories of time spent together.

An active member of FCWCC, Violet served on the Board of Directors for many years and was Chair of numerous committees. For example, in 1980, she was the Chair of the New Citizens Reception that was hosted by the Chamber after people were sworn in as citizens. She was also the Chair of the Cultural Committee in 1986, and in 2007 Violet was the Inaugural Tillie Award recipient.

Violet was the raffle ticket sales woman extraordinaire. Her goal was to earn as much money as possible for the scholarship fund. Violet was always at the check-in table selling the 50/50 opportunity tickets. She mentioned to fellow member, Jeri Techman, that she always purchased a ticket and if her number was drawn, she would donate the money right back. In fact, she did win the raffle one time and just as she said, the money was donated right back. The Ethel McCormack Memorial Scholarship program has thrived because of her passion and dedicated involvement.

Pat Birkle describes Violet as “faithful and generous." She believed in the mission of the Chamber, and lived what she believed. She is remembered for her straightforward common sense. She could see right through shenanigans and move to the heart of the matter. She wasted no time on gray areas.

Juli Amodei remembers Violet as an “incredible friend who was always the first one to say, count me in.” She provided guidance and support, as well as an open wallet to help move ideas forward. Her friendly smile would welcome members as they came to the meetings, and even when met with some physical limitations, she never complained. Violet made the best of her abilities and made others feel good in the process.

As is usual with organizations, memberships ebb and flow, grow and shrink. Years ago, when some members of the Board thought it would be better to merge with other groups, Violet saw the bigger picture and knew that growth was possible by keeping faithful to the mission statement of the Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She saw the worth, the future, and the growth of the organization and was able to convey that to the Board and the membership. The organization has since flourished and continues to grow and be successful because Violet held fast to her vision.

FCWCC Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide and promote professional opportunities, personal development, financial growth, community leadership and legislative awareness for women. We believe in supporting each other and watching our members’ successes. By encouraging others to do business with fellow members, members see their business and friendships grow. This is not just the mission of FCWCC, but could also be called Violet Homan’s Mission Statement; one she lived by and believed in and encouraged others to support.

Violet Homan was a beautiful woman who will always be remembered with love.


The Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce (FCWCC) was originally established as a committee within an organization. Women served on some committees but were not allowed to hold office and did not have voting privileges.  MORE


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