FCWCC Ethel McCormack Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Fresno City College Business Division

2010  -  Vera Janelle Reyes

2009 - Joseph Edmundo Diaz

2008 - Danielle Valdez

2007 - Mai Vang

2006 - Khammany Douangsavana, Felice Nichilo, Aleysa Romonovich, Claire Tran, Lawrence Murphy, Richie Phetasa, Michelle Spina, Daisy Velazquez

2005 - Diane Cooper, Rodney Murphy

2004 - Sandra Bernardi, Margarita Farias

"Thank you for rewarding me the Ethel McCormack scholarship - business from Fresno City College, for which I been selected to receive in the amount of $200 for the 2006-07 school year.  I appreciate your kindness, and support to Fresno City College students, as me, to reach their goals." -  Aleysa Romonovich
"Dear Ethel McCormack Memorial Scholarship Fresno County Women's Chamber of Commerce--Jacalyn Howitt, I appreciate you so much for giving me am opportunity to further my education. I wish you happiness and good health." - Claire Tran
"I would like to say Thank You.  so much.  I have a very Positive outlook when it comes to my education.  You have made the right choice." - Lawrence Murphy
"I would like to extend my full gratitude to you.  As a result of this scholarship, you have given me a better chance to succeed as a student.  I can't explain how grateful I am.  Thank you for choosing me as a recipient of this scholarship, it really helps me out." - Richie Phetasa
Thank you so much for the $200 scholarship for the upcoming Fall semester. I'm very sorry that I couldn't attend the ceremony and get a chance to thank you in person, but I was very surprised and excited when I received this scholarship. Education has always meant a lot to me, Thank you so much for your support." - Michelle Spina
"I would like to thank you for choosing me for the scholarship.  It is helping me continue my educational goal of getting a higher education.  It is going to be a big help for me and my family.  Thank you very much." - Daisy Velazquez

Reedley recipient Anthony Farao 2010, Karen Musson and Paul Duckworth Foundation President.
2010 Recipients Vera Janelle Reyes and Gavin Dalberg" along with FCWCC representative, Jan O'Dahl.
2008 Recipient Danielle Valdez
2008 Recipient Verlean Amey

Fresno City College Adaptive

2010 - Gavin Dalberg
2009 - Rickey Lee Wright
2008 - Verlean Amey
2007 - Jane Tercero
2005 - Tony Phompang
2004 - Salvador Gallegos, Ricardo Garcia
2003 - Olivia de la Rosa

Reedley College Landscape
Horticulture Department

2010 - Anthony Farao
2007 - Oak Davis
2006 - Andrew Lopez
2005 - Daniel Graffigna
2004 - Gail Scarber
2003 - Gail Sergent
2002 - Cesar Sanchez
2001 - Donald Roe
2000 - Kellie Sloan
1999 - Hayley Scharf

2008 Plant Science Scholarship Recipient - Annabel Rodriguez
2007 Fresno City College Recipient, Jane Tercero at the FCC Awards Banquet with Aletha Lang (not pictured) and 2007 President Juli Amodei
2007 Fresno City College Recipient - Mai Vang 

Andrew Lopez - 2006 Recipient of the Ethel McCormack Memorial Scholarship. From L-R Sue McDonald, Andrew Lopez and Margie Reisz

2005 Fresno City College Scholarship Awards Banquet. From L-R Margie Reisz, Diane Cooper, Aletha Lang

Olivia de la Rosa - 2003 Recipient of the Fresno City College Adaptive Horticulture Scholarship congratulates 2004 recipients

Fresno State Plant Science Department

2006 - Marcel J. Monji

"I am taking a break from my studies to write this note of appreciation. It is people and organizations like yourself, that allow me to keep up with the never ending tech. advancements in agriculture, computers, software, digital cameras, the list goes on…. Your support of Agriculture is something that your group as a whole should be very proud of, again many thanks."

2005 - Kristopher A Welker

"Thank you very much for selecting me as the recipient of the Ethel McCormack Scholarship. I greatly appreciate your generosity. I am very excited to be selected to receive this honor. I will surely put the money to good use while attending Fresno State this Spring."

2004 - Jennifer Rough and Victor Wilcox

2003 - Julio Fernandez

2002 - Matthew Reilly

2001 - Matthew Reilly

2000 - Shannon Forney, Matthew Needham

1999 - No Applicant

1998 - Shannon Forney

1997 - Konni Whisenant

1996 - Katrina M. Kurtti


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